Friday, January 13, 2006

More troubleshooting information about the Explorer View

Over the past few months I ran into several problems with the Explorer View (like I have gathered the following information about the Explorer View:
  • A user was not able to copy documents via drag and drop from the Explorer View to another folder (desktop or other Explorer View). When he clicked the document and dragged it to another folder, normally the mouse pointer changes into a drag and drop icon. But that didn't happen. He couldn't drag and drop any document.To investigate the issue I added the site url to the Trusted Sites and tried it again. This time the drag and drop now did work. I compared the settings of both zones and changed the settings of the Local Intranet Zone to see which setting was causing the problem. It turned out that the option "Miscellaneous>Launch Programs and Files in an IFRAME" was set to "Prompt" by default in the Local Intranet Zone and set to "Enabled" in the Trusted Sites Zone. After changing this setting to "Enabled" in the Local Intranet Zone the drag and drop functionality worked again.
  • Cannot open a Web folder document that is located on a Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Server-based server -
  • Windows XP SP2, if the Internet Explorer Advanced setting 'Show Friendly HTTP Errors' is unchecked, Internet Explorer may show a pop-up error and terminate the request to fill the iFrame. Check the 'Show Friendly HTTP Errors' setting again.

Some extra info provided by Daniel McPherson (MS SPS Rapid Response Engineer)

- What components are involved?

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