Tuesday, January 31, 2006

How to Prevent Zip file Corruption in Sharepoint 2003

A lot of people have problems with zip files when they are placed in a Sharepoint Document Library. They beome corrupted when downloaded. The cause of this problem is not Sharepoint, but IIS. The following document describes the steps to be taken to reconfigure IIS in order to support zip files without corruption: http://www.combined-knowledge.com/Downloads/How%20to%20Prevent%20Zip%20file%20Corruption%20in%20Sharepoint%202003.pdf

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Manjunatha said...

Hi, am facing the same problem, I did changed the MIME type correspondigly, even after that am getting the same error :- "start of central directory not found zip file corrupt. possible cause: zip file corrupted". Don't know what else is causing this!