Thursday, January 12, 2006

Default webparts are listed as Untitled in a site based on the Meeting Workspace template

I just ran into the problem that webparts in the webpart library on a site based on the Meeting Workspace template were listed as Untitled. An article on the Microsoft site gave the solution:

When you create a new Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Web site that uses a Workspace Meeting template, and you want to add Web Parts to the Web site, you may find that some Web parts appear "Untitled" (without the quotation marks) when you view the list of available Web parts. For example, when you click Modify This Workspace, click Add Web Parts, click Create Lists, and then click Browse, five of the Web parts that are listed under Web Part List in the Add Web Parts pane appear as "Untitled" (without the quotation marks). You cannot add these Web parts to the Web site.

The problem occurs because the path of the Web parts in the Onet.xml file that is used in Meeting Workspace templates is incorrect. The WebPartPopulation section of the Onet.xml file contains the following incorrect path:

The path is incorrect because the path contains two "." characters (without the quotation marks), and "." characters (without the quotation marks) are restricted characters. Therefore, the instantiation of the ghost file fails. A limitation exists in the provision process for modules where the Setup path can only refer to files that are located in subfolders of the current site template folder.


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