Tuesday, January 25, 2011

[MOSS2007/WSSv3] PowerShell Library - Overview Request Access Email Address

When creating a site collection or sub sites, it is possible to configure an e-mail address to which SharePoint will send Access Requests mails. When a mail address of a user is configured and that user leaves or changes roles, by default there is no way of checking where that address is used.

To solve this, I have created a script that generates a report with all configured mail addresses:

How to use it:
  1. Download the PowerShell script
  2. Run the script
  3. Open the output in Microsoft Excel and use "*" as separator


Marc & Sally said...

thanks for the script. saved me time to write one. Quiet hadny to use.
so thanks for your effort

chiragmehta said...

Thanks for this script. Is there a way to replace these request access email addresses? I want different email addresses to be added at different locations. Please suggest!

Yorick said...

If you rewrite the script which writes the RequestAccessEmail property, you can set the address programatically:

$spweb.RequestAccessEmail = "my@mail.com"

NISH said...

can you make it to work for SharePoint 2010 ?

Yorick said...

Hi Nish, just change the following text:

"Windows SharePoint Services Web Application"


"Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application"