Thursday, August 28, 2008

[MOSS2007/WSSv3] SharePoint 2007 and Console Applications [UPDATED]

During a project, the developers created a console application which they wanted to schedule in Task Scheduler. This turned out to be a challenge because using console applications with SharePoint 2007 requires permissions on three locations. The service account will need to have the following permissions:

1.) Permissions on the SharePoint databases

  • Open SQL Management Studio
  • Go to Security > Logins
  • Right click Logins and select New Login
  • Enter account name and open User Mappings tab
  • Select the master database, permissions public
  • Select the config database (default SharePoint_Config), permissions public and WSS_Content_Application_Pools
  • Select the content database (default format WSS_Content_), permissions public and db_owner
2.) Permissions on the SharePoint server
  • Add the service account to the local administrator group (See update below)
3.) Permissions on the SharePoint site
  • Grant the service account the required permissions in the SharePoint site
  • For example: add to Site Owners group
[UPDATE] The service account doesn't need to be local admin on the server. You can use the following permissions as well:
  • "Logon as batch job" in Local Security Policy
  • Member of the local WSS_ADMIN_WPG group
  • Grant the local group BATCH read permissions to C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe to make sure the scheduled task can run batch scripts.

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