Tuesday, October 05, 2010

[MOSS2007] Cross domain Manager property

In an Active Directory, it is possible to configure a manager for a specific user. SharePoint is able to use this information and show you a hierarchy on a users MySite. Unfortunately this functionality has a limitation caused by Active Directory.

Active Directory issue
Within Active Directory It is only possible to select users (or contacts) that are in the same forest or domain as manager. So if you have (like at a customer of mine) a multi forest, multi domain environment, with Forest Trusts between all forests, you cannot select a user from domain 1 in forest 1 as the manager of a user in domain 2 in forest 2.

Customer situation
At the customer, they are using two tools to manage the data in AD:
1.) A replication engine to replicate users in one domain as a contact in the other domain. These contact are used for Exchange in that domain.
2.) A self service portal where users can configure their own data, including manager. When a user changes his/her manager, this is changed in the domain that has been marked as master domain. If the manager does not exist in that domain as a user, the contact in that domain is selected.

SharePoint behavior
This situation causes SharePoint to "generate" two different kind of hierarchy trees. One for domain1 and the other for domain2. Because contacts are not treated as users in SharePoint (as it shouldn't), when browsing through the hierarchy you never end up with the real manager account.

Then how to solve this issue
In order to work around the issue, we have modified the replication engine in such a way that the replication engine performs the following steps:
  1. Check the manager property and retrieve the master account in the other domain
  2. Configure the master account name in a separate AD property, which is not used
  3. Configure SharePoint to import that AD property as the manager, with the format <domain>\<userid> (configurable in property mapping settings)

This mechanism now works like a charm: Managers are imported correctly and more important, the hierarchy tree is displayed correctly!!

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