Wednesday, October 21, 2009

[MOSS/WSSv3] Content Deployment/StsAdm export/import issue

At a customer the developers created a custom solution that displayed image in a picture library on a page and used the image title to overlay across the image. If the image title would be empty, the solution would use the site title. The solution worked fine on our staging environment.

We use Content Deployment to deploy the sites from the staging environment to a live environment. On the live environment, the overlayed text suddenly became the picture name instead of the picture title.

After some troubleshooting it turned out that Content Deployment deploys the site just fine from staging to live, however when an image title field is empty, Content Deployment populates this field with the image name! After performing some tests we discovered that this behavior is also occuring when:
  • Deploying a document with an empty title. The document name is used.
  • Using stsadm export/import to deploy the site instead of Content Deployment.
We raised a support call at Microsoft, but although they were able to reproduce the issue they are not going to fix this. According to "internal resources" this behavior is "by design". We could raise a design change, but that would probably be denied because other customers would deliberately use this behavior.

In this situation we had to modify our code to check if the title field is empty OR equal to the image name. Although this workaround works, we do not believe that this behavior is by design. When creating a "backup" using stsadm export and "restore" with stsadm import, you would expect no data to be changed in that process..........

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